Thursday, October 8, 2009

totally insane

Well, I have survived one week and four days with my kiddos.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Is it a little early in my job to be looking forward to the weekend??  If I wasn't too tired to stay up, I'd write you a synopsis of my last two weeks, but this girl is headed to bed in ahout one minute.  Today's Junior High Homecoming ceremony and pep rally with my second and third graders wore me out...and trying to keep them all in one place until the bell rang.  Oh, and my un-air conditioned room because the lady next door decided it was cold and put the air on 79! 79 degrees...freaking sauna!

So, my main point for blogging tonight....freakin' standing broom.  Yes, you heard me....a broom that stands!  I was bumfuzzled when my mom (who has a new blog by the way...more on that later) called me to tell me that today the planets were in a perfect line and that a broom would stand by itself.  Naturally, I wanted to see it for myself!  Matt ran over to the Dollar Store and bought us a $6 broom.  I made it stand as soon as he got home...his dad was amazed!  My mother-in-law found one out in the garage that was crooked and yep, it is standing too.  Lucy, my in-laws dog, knocked down the one inside, but it's still standing once I stood it back up.  So, you don't believe me?  Here's the proof!  Matt doesn't believe it. He thinks the bristles are perfectly placed and says in a month he can get the broom to stand on it's own...even though it's only supposed to work a few days because the planets will not be aligned again for another 500 or some crazy timeframe?

Who knows if it is the whole planet being aligned scenario or if it's just luck of the bristles, but I think it's pretty neat.  Or maybe I'm just delirious.  Or easily entertained. 

Speaking of entertained, I now have a new form of entertainment.  My mother's blog.  She spends much of her time reading my blog and my friends blog and for several weeks she's been talking about how she thinks she'd like a blog.  She has a custom home accessories side business making barbed wire crosses and picture frames so she'll feature them on her blog and give us a dose of her motherly advice...which most times she's good at :)  Ask any of my friends, especially the fab five...they have probably rec'd a dose of Cathy's medicine one time or another.  Click on over and see what she has to say.  You may learn something!  And become a follower so she can have some bloggy world love.  Love ya mom!

Pretty sure my one minute to going to bed is now up.  Good thing Grey's Anatomy has already gone off and Private Practice is almost over.  I'll probably get sidetracked on my way to bed by the farmer and mother-in-law who are doing the crossword puzzle from the newspaper, the new nightly ritual in the Kelly household. Surprising considering my husband now picks doing the crossword with his mom over going to watch the hunting channel.  It's addicting, but my brain is already turned off for the night. 

In case you are wondering, the broom is still standing.  Mom's fell about 45 minutes ago, but mine, MY BROOM, is still freaking standing.


Katie Mentzel said...

that is insane! gonna try my broom when i get home! if i can remember

In this wonderful life... said...

that broom thing is CRAZY! Glad you survived the first week or so with the kiddos! Can't wait to be reading Cathy's blog!

Ashley said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and i love it! that is crazy about the broom thing!

jill said...

wishing i had a broom at school ... trying it when i get home! LOVE your mom's blog!!! and if want one of her frames for the house, should i go to her directly or go through your store? e-mail me if you get a chance this weekend. i think a couple would look incredible in my living room! YAY for friday!

Jerry said...

Well, you know how the boys and Jerry love to make constant fun of me! Well, I have a standing broom, and now I am so awesome! LOL That is so crazy! Happy you survived your first week, hang in there! By the way, this is Lisa, not Jerry. :)


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