Saturday, October 10, 2009

brrrrrrr, it's cold.

Poor Aggies.  Poor, poor Aggies.  You have no offensive line.  And it shows.

The Aggies started off with a bang against Arkansas last weekend, but after six minutes it pretty much went downhill from there.  At the end of the first quarter our quarterback looked pretty miserable...he didn't have a chance with that line!  Major kudos to the Razorback's quarterback, Ryan Mallet, from Texarkana.  He is pretty good at what he does and it was kind of neat seeing him play since we are from the same hometown :)  Even though the actual game was pretty miserable, it still made for a fun time.  Although I don't think my dad would agree.  He was pretty digusted.  On Monday night when I went to class I had on a Texas A&M sweatshirt because it was sooo cold.  I had to get up and give a presentation and I had several remarks from people in the class that I probably should have waited a little while before wearing that shirt or they couldn't believe I was wearing sir!  Just because our Aggies didn't win the game that is no reason to give up on them.  I will always support my team...I am no "fair weather" fan....we are the Aggies, the Aggies are we!  And yes, they lost again today, but the score today was 36-31...that's a pretty close game if I say so myself.  It will probably be a long year, but I'm not going to forget about my team.  I love them no matter if they win or lose :)

Here's a few pictures from our night spent at Jerryworld otherwise known as Dallas Cowboys Stadium....which, if I may add, is amaaaaazing. 

My first friend at Texas A&M, Kim, and my college roommate, Emily.  I love them :)

Emily and I met our freshman year of college, but didn't actually live with each other until our Junior year.  I adore her and her husband Colby...they are precious.  Emily and Colby got married the weekend after Matt and I.  And I try to see them every time I make a trip to Dallas.  We laugh that we both graduated from A&M with degrees not associated with teaching (mine in HR and hers in Marketing), but yet we are both now teaching. 

Kim and I.  Oh Kimmers...we go way back.  We met in the computer lab at New Student Conference at A&M.  As we were setting up our email accounts our parents started talking.  Turns out Kim's cousin married a guy from our church in Texarkana whose parents are in my parent's Sunday School class...small world.  We've been pretty much inseperable from that day forward.  Kim left A&M second semester of our freshman year and transferred to Dallas Baptist.  I was heartbroken, but you can tell it hasn't really affected us much.  She is one of my best friends and always will be.  Kim and I see each other every trip to Dallas I make and she visits me in small town Carlisle - I do think it was a true culture shock!  Once we get moved in, she, along with her mom and sister, are making a trip to Carlisle....I can not wait!  They are truly fabulous! Oh, and isn't her shirt so cute?  Yeah, well, I have one too.  But mine was too small.  Loooose weight Whitney.

This screen is HUGE. Something like 72 ft tall?

Arkansas quarterback from the view of the big screen

Fighting Texas Aggie Military Band!  Oh how I miss them.  They are the best band EVER. It gave me chills at halftime to watch them march. 

It was a really good feeling to be back at an Aggie football game.  I miss them, but haven't had a chance to make it back to College Station for a game since I graduated.  I'd give anything to be back at Kyle Field.

Geesh, getting carried away with the reminiscing. 

I made homemade soup tonight.  It was yummy.  I woke up this morning, walked outside, and then knew it was a soup kind of day.  I'm not sure when winter officially starts, but it feels like it's already winter in Arkansas.  I worked at the shop this morning and I was so happy.  I've missed working at my little shop.  Got all the paperwork caught up and got all the bills paid while making a few sales.  Drove over to Walmart afterwards to return some things I bought for my classroom and buy my veggies for my soup.  Came home and cooked soup and brownies and watched college football with the farmer.  Great way to end the day :)


Cathy said...

awhhhh....isn't life wonderful! Even if the Aggies don't win football games.

In this wonderful life... said...

cute pics!!! I have no comments regarding the game except..wooo pig :) hehe.

I think we skipped fall all together here! SO cold..but I love it :) I LOVE soup and I love cuddling, yay!

Katie Mentzel said...

yep i'm sorry your ags couldn't make it happen these last two weekends! (our house would've been a happier place if they had :)) Erik echos your woes of the offensive line... or lack there of!

I love kimmers too! We need to make a girls trip to Dallas! Kim def showed us a good time at your bachelorette partay!

We are having chillidogs this afternoon. Also good cold weather food and compliments football!

Things Gary Cares About said...

Wow! you tore my but on your blog. Do you want me to start pulling for the horns where they will start losing? Love You. Sissssssssssssssssssssssssssster.

jill said...

poor aggies! now that we're not playing them, i hope they start winning!!! love the soup and brownies ... sounds yum! hope your week is a good one! are you out tomorrow? we are ... whoo!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am SO glad you found me!! Love a fellow Texan and your blog is just too cute!! Now following ya :)

Josi Bunder said...

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