Sunday, October 25, 2009


I feel like I am having bloggy world withdrawals.  This week has been insane and I'm now very sad the weekend is ending in less than 24 hours.  Resting on the weekends hasn't been an option lately and I am exhausted!

This week brought on lots of detailed decisions on the house and several headaches as well including probably having to replace some granite (HUGE headache).  Thankfully my mom was here this weekend to help me out.  We are hoping to move in within the next two weeks so it's crunch time!  Moving in to the new house will be the best birthday gift EVER. Just in case you are wondering, my birthday is November 7th :)

Mom and I opened the shop Saturday morning for a few hours and then headed to Little Rock to do some shopping.  We laughed because you could tell I had gotten my first teaching paycheck because I was grinning from ear to ear with my first purchase!  During the winter I'm all about comfortable, warm sweats and I found some cute ones at Gap Body. 

I also got lots of new goodies for my birthday and Christmas...if only Mom would have let me have them now instead of waiting.  I hate waiting!

Here are two more pictures of the house - our brick wall in the living room and the kitchen backsplash.

I'm ready for life to slow down, but I figure that won't happen until at least December.  Grad school semester will end in December, we'll be moved in and settled hopefully our newest, cutest little nephew will have made his arrival.  Until then I'll just keep moving on as fast as I can!

Oh, and I'm very sad that I do not have satellite or DVR at my in-laws house.  I have been missing my soap opera, General Hospital!  Good thing for being able to watch a week's worth online. 

Hopefully this week I'll spend some more of my time blogging...I have sure missed it! 

I'm off to do homework....Happy Sunday :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friday started off with a bang.  Literally.

What's wrong with this picture?

On most hair straighteners, the electrical plug is attached to a cord.  This one was up until Friday morning.  I had just finished drying my hair, plugged this in, and as soon as I started to use it.....BANG!  Smoke started coming out of the electrical plug.  I wasn't quite sure if I should touch it, scared I would get electricuted, so I just barely yanked on the cord and out it comes...what the heck!  A few minutes later I took a risk and pulled out the you can see, I'm still alive.  Good thing I had a curling iron handy so I could have somewhat styled hair.  Thankfully Trade Secrets in the mall sells Chi's....I purchased one yesterday and I LOVE it.  My old one was a Cricket I think?  Got it from my old salon in Texarkana.  All things must come to an end, and my Cricket's life has definitely ended. 

Friday after school I went by our house.  Painter pushed my buttons and I let him know.  He was probably ready to punch me in the face, but please do not lie to me or make excuses.  Both of which he did that day.  I walked in and my walls were not painted and they were supposed to have been painted the day before.  I let him know what I thought about it and today when I went by, they were painted...guess he got the drift :)  They are beautiful!!!  I didn't have my camera with me today, but I did take a few pictures Friday when I went by of them painting around the trim.  And even better....our kitchen granite countertops were installed!  They are GORGEOUS!  Absolutely love them.  I am so ready to move in! They should finish up painting inside this week, get our brick wall done, install the bathroom granite, and hopefully get the stone on our fireplace and tile backsplash laid. 

The paint colors aren't really "true" in pictures, but let me assure you that the paint is so pretty and so warm feeling :)  I love it.  They hadn't started on our bedroom or Matt's man room when I took these pictures, but I saw it today and oh. my. gosh.  I love it!  Superior bronze rocks my world.

I went shopping at Target yesterday and today and got some cute long sleeve tops.  All mine are packed so instead of unpacking before I have to re-pack and unpack I decided just to buy a few new ones.  Good excuse huh?  I also got baby Spingola a BIG Christmas gift!  Doctor told Ash that she will be induced on December 21 if she hasn't gone into labor by then so the little boy will be here to unwrap his gift :) 

Oh, and I have to brag about a GREAT deal I got today on blinds.  I've never been a big JC Penny's person, but hellllllo, why not?  I got Levelor faux wood blinds today 70% off plus another 20% off!  Let me just tell you that when blinds cost $200-$400 a piece, that helps out tremendously :)  The farmer will be proud of my savings for sure.  We just got our refund tax money (we file stuff...) and it just bought us 11 blinds.  They should be here within 3 weeks...can't wait!  Why am I so excited about blinds????????

Chicken and Dumplings for dinner and Brothers and Sisters on tonight.  Great night! 

Oh, and homework.  Boo.  I am tired of grad school...major senioritis.  Good thing I graduate in May!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

brrrrrrr, it's cold.

Poor Aggies.  Poor, poor Aggies.  You have no offensive line.  And it shows.

The Aggies started off with a bang against Arkansas last weekend, but after six minutes it pretty much went downhill from there.  At the end of the first quarter our quarterback looked pretty miserable...he didn't have a chance with that line!  Major kudos to the Razorback's quarterback, Ryan Mallet, from Texarkana.  He is pretty good at what he does and it was kind of neat seeing him play since we are from the same hometown :)  Even though the actual game was pretty miserable, it still made for a fun time.  Although I don't think my dad would agree.  He was pretty digusted.  On Monday night when I went to class I had on a Texas A&M sweatshirt because it was sooo cold.  I had to get up and give a presentation and I had several remarks from people in the class that I probably should have waited a little while before wearing that shirt or they couldn't believe I was wearing sir!  Just because our Aggies didn't win the game that is no reason to give up on them.  I will always support my team...I am no "fair weather" fan....we are the Aggies, the Aggies are we!  And yes, they lost again today, but the score today was 36-31...that's a pretty close game if I say so myself.  It will probably be a long year, but I'm not going to forget about my team.  I love them no matter if they win or lose :)

Here's a few pictures from our night spent at Jerryworld otherwise known as Dallas Cowboys Stadium....which, if I may add, is amaaaaazing. 

My first friend at Texas A&M, Kim, and my college roommate, Emily.  I love them :)

Emily and I met our freshman year of college, but didn't actually live with each other until our Junior year.  I adore her and her husband Colby...they are precious.  Emily and Colby got married the weekend after Matt and I.  And I try to see them every time I make a trip to Dallas.  We laugh that we both graduated from A&M with degrees not associated with teaching (mine in HR and hers in Marketing), but yet we are both now teaching. 

Kim and I.  Oh Kimmers...we go way back.  We met in the computer lab at New Student Conference at A&M.  As we were setting up our email accounts our parents started talking.  Turns out Kim's cousin married a guy from our church in Texarkana whose parents are in my parent's Sunday School class...small world.  We've been pretty much inseperable from that day forward.  Kim left A&M second semester of our freshman year and transferred to Dallas Baptist.  I was heartbroken, but you can tell it hasn't really affected us much.  She is one of my best friends and always will be.  Kim and I see each other every trip to Dallas I make and she visits me in small town Carlisle - I do think it was a true culture shock!  Once we get moved in, she, along with her mom and sister, are making a trip to Carlisle....I can not wait!  They are truly fabulous! Oh, and isn't her shirt so cute?  Yeah, well, I have one too.  But mine was too small.  Loooose weight Whitney.

This screen is HUGE. Something like 72 ft tall?

Arkansas quarterback from the view of the big screen

Fighting Texas Aggie Military Band!  Oh how I miss them.  They are the best band EVER. It gave me chills at halftime to watch them march. 

It was a really good feeling to be back at an Aggie football game.  I miss them, but haven't had a chance to make it back to College Station for a game since I graduated.  I'd give anything to be back at Kyle Field.

Geesh, getting carried away with the reminiscing. 

I made homemade soup tonight.  It was yummy.  I woke up this morning, walked outside, and then knew it was a soup kind of day.  I'm not sure when winter officially starts, but it feels like it's already winter in Arkansas.  I worked at the shop this morning and I was so happy.  I've missed working at my little shop.  Got all the paperwork caught up and got all the bills paid while making a few sales.  Drove over to Walmart afterwards to return some things I bought for my classroom and buy my veggies for my soup.  Came home and cooked soup and brownies and watched college football with the farmer.  Great way to end the day :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

totally insane

Well, I have survived one week and four days with my kiddos.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Is it a little early in my job to be looking forward to the weekend??  If I wasn't too tired to stay up, I'd write you a synopsis of my last two weeks, but this girl is headed to bed in ahout one minute.  Today's Junior High Homecoming ceremony and pep rally with my second and third graders wore me out...and trying to keep them all in one place until the bell rang.  Oh, and my un-air conditioned room because the lady next door decided it was cold and put the air on 79! 79 degrees...freaking sauna!

So, my main point for blogging tonight....freakin' standing broom.  Yes, you heard me....a broom that stands!  I was bumfuzzled when my mom (who has a new blog by the way...more on that later) called me to tell me that today the planets were in a perfect line and that a broom would stand by itself.  Naturally, I wanted to see it for myself!  Matt ran over to the Dollar Store and bought us a $6 broom.  I made it stand as soon as he got home...his dad was amazed!  My mother-in-law found one out in the garage that was crooked and yep, it is standing too.  Lucy, my in-laws dog, knocked down the one inside, but it's still standing once I stood it back up.  So, you don't believe me?  Here's the proof!  Matt doesn't believe it. He thinks the bristles are perfectly placed and says in a month he can get the broom to stand on it's own...even though it's only supposed to work a few days because the planets will not be aligned again for another 500 or some crazy timeframe?

Who knows if it is the whole planet being aligned scenario or if it's just luck of the bristles, but I think it's pretty neat.  Or maybe I'm just delirious.  Or easily entertained. 

Speaking of entertained, I now have a new form of entertainment.  My mother's blog.  She spends much of her time reading my blog and my friends blog and for several weeks she's been talking about how she thinks she'd like a blog.  She has a custom home accessories side business making barbed wire crosses and picture frames so she'll feature them on her blog and give us a dose of her motherly advice...which most times she's good at :)  Ask any of my friends, especially the fab five...they have probably rec'd a dose of Cathy's medicine one time or another.  Click on over and see what she has to say.  You may learn something!  And become a follower so she can have some bloggy world love.  Love ya mom!

Pretty sure my one minute to going to bed is now up.  Good thing Grey's Anatomy has already gone off and Private Practice is almost over.  I'll probably get sidetracked on my way to bed by the farmer and mother-in-law who are doing the crossword puzzle from the newspaper, the new nightly ritual in the Kelly household. Surprising considering my husband now picks doing the crossword with his mom over going to watch the hunting channel.  It's addicting, but my brain is already turned off for the night. 

In case you are wondering, the broom is still standing.  Mom's fell about 45 minutes ago, but mine, MY BROOM, is still freaking standing.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

welcome to class

Another day almost passed without pictures, but as I was walking out the door it hit me like a ton of bricks...take pictures!  So, I snapped a few as my camera battery was dying.  There is still lots of decorating to do as more comes in.  I'm still waiting on two bookshelves, which may change the whole arrangement of the room...and 3 more desks.  I have conferences with 3 parents on Tuesday so I may have 3 more students come Wednesday. 

Here is Mrs. Kelly on her first day to get students :)  My hair was half up, all cute, but I had a "bump" that bothered Janet so I had to take my hair down for my "going to school" picture! It went back up when I got in the car!

I love my "harvest hank" bulletin board.  It was the first thing to go up in the classroom.  And my word wall is super cute.  You can't tell, but those letters are leopard print :)  Hopefully soon we will have all sorts of new words added to our wall.

My makeshift library.  I have two bookshelves coming, but they haven't arrived yet.  For now, I'm using baskets.

The white board arrived Wednesday.  You like the two by fours on the ceiling?  Truly makeshift ceiling! Nice.

Our little writing center that students will work at during our literacy center time.

Our learning center assignment board.  No assignments yet...I'll phase in permanent learning centers next week. We have a frog theme in the classroom :)

Our Happy Birthday chart that just so happened to cover a ugly filing cabinet perfectly!  You can tell the students put their own names on the months :)

The calendar and weather board that we start off our day with.  If you didn't know, today is Thursday, yesterday was Monday and tomorrow is Friday.  :)

I hung up our first classroom writing activity this afternoon.  The students wrote about their adventures at recess today.

My class :)  they are my little froggies.  and some of them have already gotten behavior sticks for being good! 

Annnnd the teacher throne.  The desk.  It's old. And disorganized at the moment, but I am working on that.

Well, there ya have it!  It's still a work in progress, but it's a pretty cheerful place...we work with what we have :)  Plus, it's not what you have that matters, right?  It's the teacher.  And she is totally cool. 


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