Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ohhh deer

Greetings fellow earthly beings. I had to do a journal writing last night in grad school where we acted like we were aliens - strange - but today I've been calling people "earthly beings". I'm weird.

Life has been crazy since my last post. Last week I got the sad news that my bestie, Allison, lost her father unexpectantly. My heart has been so heartbroken for her the past week. I have experienced death in my life, but none have them as been as tragic as losing a father. I was scheduled to go to market this weekend and was so torn between what to do. I ended up heading to Little Rock early on my way to market and spend some time with her and take the family some yummy food trays from Jason's Deli. The Craigs were crazy about those food trays! Friday afternoon we visited for about an hour and a half and I was sad to leave her, but knew she was in good hands with Megan and Katie who were coming in town on Saturday. Shug is a pretty strong person and I know she will get through this loss. We know he is in a better place and is at peace.

As I left Allison she summoned me to get a picture of Ashley, my sister-in-law, and her pregnant belly. You would think being a photographer I would already have pictures, but there hasn't been a good opportunity to get any and she is so tiny that she hasn't been showing long! On my way to Dallas I stopped for a little while at Amy's to drop off some things she bought from the shop and to visit and I was summoned again! So I knew I better get a picture! Mom and I didn't get in to Dallas until 11 PM Saturday night and by the time we got to Ashley's after market on Saturday she was already in sweats so we finally snapped a picture at a fabric store on Sunday...random I know! I needed some fabric for some cushions for the new house and Ash needed some for her new remodeled upstairs. She chose the blue and tan fabrics as her backdrop. This is Ash and my sweet nephew at 25 weeks :)

Earlier today Matt was up here at the shop to check out the pictures on his deer cameras he has in the woods - getting ready for hunting season already! He always gets excited when he sees a big buck on the camera and today this is what we found....he's a monster....and there is still some growing to take place before hunting season starts! Dad and Matt will be fighting over this one!

This deer was on another camera. He is one deformed deer...look at that right side! Do you think his head is heavy on the right side?

Never imagined I'd be looking at deer cameras and criticizing deer or much less getting excited over a big buck. What has happened to me! I guess Matt happened to me. He is OBSESSED!


In this wonderful life... said...

haha those deer cameras are great! Is it bad I didn't know such thing existed?!? Ashley looks so cute and great!

Cookie said...

Wow, that is one big deer. But it kinda looks likes one of Santa's reindeer.

Katie Mentzel said...

those deer cameras are so cool! very impressed with the quality! you crack me up with your earthly beings talk.. sounds like a fun assignment! FINALLY we get to see your cute preg sis-in-law! she looks GREAT! make sure to tell her I said so :)


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