Friday, September 4, 2009

in shock

Yesterday started off as just a normal day. I was going about my business when our newspaper ad sales woman came in. That's pretty normal - she always comes in to drop off a newspaper and let us know about the advertising specials going on and she always buys a little gift. Well, yesterday she had another agenda - to present a Stephens Media 2009 Lonoke County Reader's Choice Readership Poll award. I got all excited that the shop had won Best Gift Shop until she informed me that it was for my photography business. WHAT?!?! I laughed in her face and told her she had to be joking. She said "Nope, you won! We tallied the votes and you had the most!" Whitney Kelly Photography had been voted Best Photographer in the Stephens Media 2009 Lonoke County Reader's Choice Readership Poll. Now, don't get me wrong, I was estatic, just in complete shock! In the time I have lived in Carlisle I haven't done too much advertising - a few ads every now and then - and I do have my blog that several people know about - and hand out business cards at the shop where my work is displayed - but I do not make a living or have a full time job of photography. I keep telling myself that "surely not many people voted...just about 5 and 3 of those voted for me"! I guess I feel like there is much improving to be done when it comes to my photography business and I don't even reach the greatness of other photographers in the area. I will be featured in the Lonoke County Best issue in two weeks and will have an ad in the paper as well. I'm hoping this will only help my business and give me some more exposure. I am very grateful for the award!

Well, I was still in complete shock from receiving that news when I got an email that I had been asked to be in Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society for educators based on my 'academic success' as a graduate student at UCA. I haven't really gotten many details of the organization yet, but it seems like it will be a good resource for me in the future.

And, on top of that! Today was a BUMPER day at the shop! I have been so busy with customers! The past two weeks have been a little slow for us, but last Friday and today have just been insane :) I LOVE IT! We were contemplating whether or not to go to market next weekend, but I think we will be going. It's so fun to have a job where I can just shop, shop, shop!

Labor Day weekend brings no big plans for the Kelly crew. The farmer is harvesting corn and is pretty exhausted. He is praying for rain so he can hibernate for a while and get some sleep. I have decided to re-paint my bed that will be going in the guest bedroom at the new house and our bedroom entertainment center. The bed is a cherry bed, white washed, and I am going to paint it chocolate brown and sand it down to make it look antiqued. The entertainment center is really light natural wood and it will soon be (the plan so far) a pumpkin color crackled with chocolate brown. We'll see how it turns out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


jill said...

congrats!!!!! yay for the award! and i'm DYING to see how your projects turn out! the pumpkin/chocolate combo sounds fab!

In this wonderful life... said...

that is AWESOME about the award!!!! congrats :) I would have voted for you!! Those projects do sound fun! can't wait to see! love ya!

Katie Mentzel said...

busy girl! Congrats! Erik was like so Whitney has three jobs?? and two of them are her own businesses? He's very impressed by your work ethic!


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