Tuesday, September 8, 2009

happy anniversary to me

September 8 marks a day in history. For on September 8 it was marked that there was someone out there who was able to put up with Matt Kelly....ok, maybe someone out there to put up with me! Either way, it's been two years! Crazy!

A wise woman once told me, "may the only ups and downs you have in your marriage be in the bedroom" and well, we have had our fair share of ups and downs outside of the bedroom, but still find a way to work through them...and may end up in the bedroom, haha.

I have always known that there is no guarantee that a marriage would be easy, but I have always promised myself to never give up. I love my farmer, but wish sometimes he didn't have to work so much...it sometimes puts a strain on things and I get frustrated, but in the end I can only respect his dedication and motivation to his business. Sun up to sun down working during harvest is not always the ideal situation, but poor boy has got to take care of his crops.

This anniversary we have both decided to not do gifts - that our new house is our gift to each other. We are going to Little Rock tonight for dinner and a movie and a little furniture shopping. I found a loveseat for Matt's man room and a new coffee table for the living room yesterday so we may be giving each other furniture...how romantic!

Just because I'm mushy and sentimental I decided to take a blast to the past with some wedding pictures. I loveeed this day and had more fun at my reception then I think I have ever had! I was on the dance floor the entire time with my mouth wide open as you can see below. It was like this huge wedding planning weight was lifted off my shoulders and I had not a care in the world....it was just marvelous!

Here's to many more years with the farmer!


Cathy said...

AWHHHHH makes me want to cry! It was such a special day and you are both such a special "spoiled" couple! haha

Katie Mentzel said...

happy anniversary to the kellys! you know your a grown up when your gifts to each other is furniture! But hey it just shows responsibility! I don't think Erik and I have given each other one gift that isn't for the house or a need since we got married :)

allison said...

love the pics.. it was a great day!

In this wonderful life... said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Love the pics! xoxo

AmyA said...

Happy Anniversary! Times goes by fast!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous wedding pictures!!


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