Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm pretty sure this is my first time on my computer this week.  Ever since I started this new teaching job, I have felt completely disconnected from the world! Luckily, I get email on my phone so I can still email if I ever find a moment of time in my day.  My students moved to my class on Monday, followed by graduate school in Conway on Monday night.  On Tuesday I saw my students for about an lab, lunch and recess, activity, assembly, and the kids left at 2:00 since parent/teacher conferences were that afternoon from 3 until 7....yes, parent/teacher conferences on my second day of class!  I didn't have any scheduled so I got a lot of work and organization done that was desperately needed. 

I am such a horrible blog updater because I haven't even taken pictures of my classroom yet!  My mother is getting very frustrated I do believe.  I told her I'd do it this morning and well, before I could get them taken the bell rang.  So, I'm going to try tomorrow morning.  The school has ordered me more stuff for my classroom so it's still a work in progress.  This week has been a "getting to know you" week, trying to get to know my students and what level they are all on.  Next week we will hopefully be on a more consistent routine :) 

Mom did come up on Saturday to bring me some "teacher" things she had bought last week.  I was pretty much freaking out about starting school with absolutely nothing and as usual, Cathy to the rescue!  We went to the school to drop off the goodies and she snapped this picture of me in my classroom, well before being finished. The past two days she's been browsing the internet for teaching tools and has spent the past two days printing and cutting sight word cards for my students...they should love her, I do!

My first day with students was pretty nervewracking, but I survived!  These pretty smell goods from the farmer probably helped boost my confidence a little :)  They make my messy desk (yes, hard to believe my desk is messy b/c I'm an organization freeeeeak!) look a little more cheerful. 

Oh, and the painters are starting at the house tomorrow!  Tomorrow they will be puttying, cleaning, etc. and getting the walls ready for paint and I will meet with them tomorrow afterschool to go over colors.  Ahh, I'm so anxious!  Can't wait to see what Ruskin Room Green, Superior Bronze, and Whole Wheat look like on the walls :)  The names just sound so yummy!

This weekend is the big Texas A&M/Arkansas football game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.  I'm praying for an Aggie win. Also praying for rain tomorrow and Friday so the farmer can use his ticket to the game instead of cutting rice.  And can't wait to see Kim and Em :)

Beat the Hell Outta Arkansas!


Katie Mentzel said...

man those flowers are GORGEOUS! What a sweet farmer! With good taste too! Always Cathy to the rescue! What would we do without her :) Can't wait to see some more house pics and more classroom photos! Glad everything is going good, I bet your students LOVE Mrs. Kelly!

Kimberly said...

So glad I get to see you this weekend!! I want to see photos of the classroom also, so get with it Mrs!!!

Cathy said...

Pictures!!!! I want pictures! haha Let me just say, this room could be used on HGTV for a total makeover since it could barely be called a room even! But I am sure it is looking homey and lovely by now, after all, anything Whitney is in has to be decorated. ha Her Dad asked me should he go hang some crown moulding for her! That is an old joke from college days. The kids are fortunate to have you babe.

jill said...

we have the same calendar set! ha! :) hope you're surviving the week... it's a whole new world! i'm with your mom ... i want pictures! glad the farmer thought to send the flowers ... he's gotta be a keeper. and i'm DYING to see your paint colors!!!! the only thing i'm not so crazy about is that whole beat the hell outta arkansas thing. tsk tsk. GO HOGS GO!!!!!


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