Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lit up!

On Friday I was sitting at the shop just enjoying my day when in comes a delivery with 27 boxes. OH MY. Most of those boxes were part of our Uttermost order from market, which included some light fixtures for my house. LOVE THEM!

Matt's vanity light...can be hung up or down, haven't decided how I'll hang it yet. Mine is just like this, but with 4 lights - my vanity is bigger!

This is our entry way light...

I bought 3 of these pendants to hang over our bar in the kitchen. The metal on the pendant is a silvery color with rusty, gold accents.

I found this chandelier in Little Rock that matches the pendants PERFECTLY. This will hang about the kitchen table. I took Ashley and Janet by the lighting store on Saturday to get their opinion. We left the store with the light!

Ashley was in town this weekend. She needed to do some baby bedding shopping and she is having remodeling done on her house and needed be out this weekend so they could stain the floors. Didn't need baby Spingola breathing those fumes! We went to Tuck and Cover, a cute baby store in Little Rock, and two hours later came out after ordering this bedding with the two pictures, a light fixture, some other accessories, and a rocker. Her nursery is going to be so cute! The bedding is a calming bedding, not bright colors, but it is sooo cute! The so called "theme" is animals.

Ash left Carlisle without us taking a picture of her belly. We were going to take some pictures on the farm, but she didn't have any clothes with her that she wanted to wear for pictures. We will be in Dallas in September for market so hopefully I can snap a few then. Baby is kicking! He is very active and just rolls around. She is 22 weeks - halfway there!
The house is coming right along and it is so exciting! Sheetrock is being hung inside this week and they started laying brick on the outside of the house. I am meeting with the stone guy in a little while to go over the stone fireplace. Sheetrock should be finished Monday or Tuesday and then they will sit the cabinets and start trim. This house is going up FAST!
Finished editing pictures of the Clark kids this weekend. Their mom and Matt are cousins. Hopefully I can get them posted to the photography blog this week - they are adorrrrable kiddos, so glad they are part of our family!


Katie Mentzel said...

LOVE the lighting!! I am especially obsessed with the pendants! OH I LOVE THEM! and I cannot believe that we haven't gotten to see one stinking pic of that baby belly! y'all are slacking!

jill said...

the lights are FAB! can't wait to see them in the house! i'm going to have to stop posting pictures of my house though... you put me to shame! haha!

In this wonderful life... said...

The lighting is SO pretty!!! Can't wait to see it all in!! That bedding is presh! I agree with katie, baby belly picture!?!?! HEEELLLLLOOOO, haha


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