Tuesday, August 18, 2009

house divided

This little Aggie is so excited! We ordered tickets today for the long awaited Texas A&M vs. Arkansas football game at the new Texas Stadium. I know you all are wondering which side this family will be sitting on. Well, the Stricklands will be sitting on the Texas A&M side and the Kellys will be sitting on the Arkansas side. Matt and I will not be sitting together. Just can't do it - we are both too loyal to our alma maters! So, we will truly be a house divided on October 3. I will be sporting my Aggie t-shirts the whole week leading up to the game. I'm stinkin' excited!!! I haven't been back to an A&M football game since I graduated and I miss it terribly.

The house is coming right along! Look what little friends I found when I drove up the other day.

Our concrete floors got scored yesterday and they are staining them today. I am so anxious to go by after work and see the color! It is a two day process so we won't be able to walk on them until Thursday. We had them scored with a 9-inch border along the wall edges with an 18X18 diagonal pattern in the smaller rooms and 24X24 diagonal pattern in the larger rooms.

Matt's Man Room
In the kitchen. Blue tape is where our bar will sit.
Still so excited about the football game!!!


Kimberly said...

Yay for the game!!!!! Gig'em!! Love the house progress too!

In this wonderful life... said...

So excited for the game! Wish we were going! The house is looking good!!


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