Saturday, August 1, 2009

august already?

Can you believe it's August already?? This year is flying by!

We have a stick roof! Hopefully it will stay dry for a few days so the framers can get the decking on the roof...then rain will not bother the progress of the house any longer!

This morning I helped give a baby shower for the newest Bennett baby! Baby Girl Bennett is her name for now...Mason and Miranda can't decide on names and decided they'd know whenever she arrived if she is Mary Mason Bennett or Kate Ellingsworth Bennett. Mason and Ellingsworth are family names and I think they are so cute! Mason's brother, Chad, his wife and baby Lily, are our best friends here in Carlisle, and his sister Amber sang in our wedding.

Lily Beth and her Aunt Whitney

Amber, Brea, Lily, and I....
I'm slumping, I know, so ugly. I
have a problem. And why is this caption double spaced?

Baby Lily with gorgeous eyelashes! I think she
looks so sweet in this picture :)

Amber, Miranda, and Brea

Miranda and the shower hostesses

Baby Girl Bennett cake...delicious!

This girl is a wonderful part of living in
Carlisle. Love her.

Momma to be!

Flowers on the food table,
done by moi.

Flowers on the guest tables...

three musketeers.

oh to be skinny and blonde....
It has rained nooooon-stop here. So dreadful, but made for a good day to lay on the couch and watch HGTV and snooze a little. Janet, Mom, and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow to see seeester and have some shopping fun at market on Monday.
Speaking of seeester, Baby Spingola is going to be a BOY! He's currently 8 ounces and has long legs. He's a very active little thing! Lots of growing to do before we meet him.
Oh! I had an interview for a Kindergarten teaching job on Thursday. There's one position available and I was one of three people to interview. Please say a little prayer for me that I get the job! Odds are somewhat against me because I have no experience in a classroom, but I'm one class and one internship away from having a Masters in Early Childhood. School starts August 19 so hopefully they will make a decision soon. I think it was a really good interview. I was very nervous until I got in the room and then I felt very comfortable! And very smiley :) So, pleeeease pleeeease pray!


Cathy said...

there have been literally hundreds praying over this interview! as I have told you, the Lord is in control! Love you.

jill said...

we're praying too!!! the little ones are! let me know WHEN you get the job! and i have tons and tons of kinder projects and good stuff if you ever need any. :)

Katie Mentzel said...

cute cake! Can't believe how fast the house is moving! And on pins and needles for you waiting to hear!

allison said...

dude, your house looks like it's going to be done in 2 more weeks.. that's wild!

My name is Megan... said...

the house is going fast! yay!! cute pics from the shower!


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