Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lit up!

On Friday I was sitting at the shop just enjoying my day when in comes a delivery with 27 boxes. OH MY. Most of those boxes were part of our Uttermost order from market, which included some light fixtures for my house. LOVE THEM!

Matt's vanity light...can be hung up or down, haven't decided how I'll hang it yet. Mine is just like this, but with 4 lights - my vanity is bigger!

This is our entry way light...

I bought 3 of these pendants to hang over our bar in the kitchen. The metal on the pendant is a silvery color with rusty, gold accents.

I found this chandelier in Little Rock that matches the pendants PERFECTLY. This will hang about the kitchen table. I took Ashley and Janet by the lighting store on Saturday to get their opinion. We left the store with the light!

Ashley was in town this weekend. She needed to do some baby bedding shopping and she is having remodeling done on her house and needed be out this weekend so they could stain the floors. Didn't need baby Spingola breathing those fumes! We went to Tuck and Cover, a cute baby store in Little Rock, and two hours later came out after ordering this bedding with the two pictures, a light fixture, some other accessories, and a rocker. Her nursery is going to be so cute! The bedding is a calming bedding, not bright colors, but it is sooo cute! The so called "theme" is animals.

Ash left Carlisle without us taking a picture of her belly. We were going to take some pictures on the farm, but she didn't have any clothes with her that she wanted to wear for pictures. We will be in Dallas in September for market so hopefully I can snap a few then. Baby is kicking! He is very active and just rolls around. She is 22 weeks - halfway there!
The house is coming right along and it is so exciting! Sheetrock is being hung inside this week and they started laying brick on the outside of the house. I am meeting with the stone guy in a little while to go over the stone fireplace. Sheetrock should be finished Monday or Tuesday and then they will sit the cabinets and start trim. This house is going up FAST!
Finished editing pictures of the Clark kids this weekend. Their mom and Matt are cousins. Hopefully I can get them posted to the photography blog this week - they are adorrrrable kiddos, so glad they are part of our family!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new look! the shop. not me.

If you are my friend on Facebook then you've seen these pictures already, but I thought I'd share them with the blogging world. Two weekends ago we decided to give the shop a new look. It took us two days to completely rearrange, moving every piece of furniture, and get everything back in a new place. I love the new look! And I love fall. I need to add the new items to the shop website - I'm not good about updating it! Hoping to do that this week. Let me know if you see something you like - shipping is available :)

Here's you a peek into the new look at Park Street Market!

These pieces of furniture are for sale now! If you are interested or know of anyone interested, let me know. More pieces will be coming in the future once we can get them done.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

house divided

This little Aggie is so excited! We ordered tickets today for the long awaited Texas A&M vs. Arkansas football game at the new Texas Stadium. I know you all are wondering which side this family will be sitting on. Well, the Stricklands will be sitting on the Texas A&M side and the Kellys will be sitting on the Arkansas side. Matt and I will not be sitting together. Just can't do it - we are both too loyal to our alma maters! So, we will truly be a house divided on October 3. I will be sporting my Aggie t-shirts the whole week leading up to the game. I'm stinkin' excited!!! I haven't been back to an A&M football game since I graduated and I miss it terribly.

The house is coming right along! Look what little friends I found when I drove up the other day.

Our concrete floors got scored yesterday and they are staining them today. I am so anxious to go by after work and see the color! It is a two day process so we won't be able to walk on them until Thursday. We had them scored with a 9-inch border along the wall edges with an 18X18 diagonal pattern in the smaller rooms and 24X24 diagonal pattern in the larger rooms.

Matt's Man Room
In the kitchen. Blue tape is where our bar will sit.
Still so excited about the football game!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

yada yada yada

Hiiiii friends. Sorry for my twelve day absence. Life has been stressful and my brain has been on complete overload.

No teaching job news to report except the Kindergarten position was given to a lady from DesArc, who probably has taught before. That seems to be my area of weakness. Anyways, then I thought I was teaching PreK, but they ended up hiring someone for that, but now they are "coming up with another plan" for me to be in a PreK classroom so I am still awaiting the news. I have been back and forth on the phone with the principal and UCA trying to figure out if teaching PreK will help me get my hours to graduate and I finally met with the superintendent today. He said he'll get back with me next week, but I'm hoping the news comes sooner than later.

Park Street Market got a makeover this past weekend. Mom and Dad came up to check out the house progress and Mom ended staying over until Sunday because Friday night I decided it was time to rearrange the store and put out our fall merchandise. So, I started moving tables by myself acting like I was Wonder Woman I guess. You can move the heaviest tables by scooting and shifting them. I finally quit at 8:00 and decided that the rest could wait until Saturday. We had made great progress by Saturday night and just had a few things left to do on Sunday. I'll post some new pictures of the store in an upcoming post, sooner than twelve days from now hopefully.

I've also been sick. Bacterial infection. We had a horrrrible storm last Tuesday night, woke up with no electricity, and I seemed to be sick. So, I went to the doctor's office that happened to be open and what I thought was just a mild cold turned out to be an infection. An antibiotic and antihistamine prescription later I was back to bed watching tv with a box of kleenex. Matt turned up sick a few days later so we have been sleeping in separate beds for about a week. Just as I think I am getting well, back to bed he comes, and today I wake up with a sore throat. He is dead meat if I get sick again!

Speaking of the storm...look what it did to my house!

Tore up the roofing paper.
The windows were leaned up in the garage. Well, not a smart move when a storm is coming that night. Shattered four windows. Window people are paying for that.

Broke a door frame.
Thankfully it can all be fixed and that roofing paper is now shingles! Last week we also got heat and air ducts and vents put in and they framed out for our fireplace.

The electricians finished wiring yesterday and the flooring company is there today and the rest of this week until Tuesday to do our concrete floors. We are doing a diamond polish and stain concrete floor throughout the house. There will be a border along the edge that will be done in "golden wheat", a goldish color. The middle area of the floors will be done in "vintage umber", a brownish color and will be scored in an 18X18 diamond pattern. I'm so anxious to get it done and see how it turns out!
Well tonight I'm heading to Little Rock with two friends for dinner at Loca Luna. Never been there, but they say it's their favorite so I'm excited. It was featured on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels and Southern Living called it "a rising star". Yum! Maybe stuffing my face will relieve stress?
Central Freight Lines just delivered 14 boxes of merchandise. I have no room for 14 boxes of merchandise. Better get busy.
Tood-a-loo folks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

august already?

Can you believe it's August already?? This year is flying by!

We have a stick roof! Hopefully it will stay dry for a few days so the framers can get the decking on the roof...then rain will not bother the progress of the house any longer!

This morning I helped give a baby shower for the newest Bennett baby! Baby Girl Bennett is her name for now...Mason and Miranda can't decide on names and decided they'd know whenever she arrived if she is Mary Mason Bennett or Kate Ellingsworth Bennett. Mason and Ellingsworth are family names and I think they are so cute! Mason's brother, Chad, his wife and baby Lily, are our best friends here in Carlisle, and his sister Amber sang in our wedding.

Lily Beth and her Aunt Whitney

Amber, Brea, Lily, and I....
I'm slumping, I know, so ugly. I
have a problem. And why is this caption double spaced?

Baby Lily with gorgeous eyelashes! I think she
looks so sweet in this picture :)

Amber, Miranda, and Brea

Miranda and the shower hostesses

Baby Girl Bennett cake...delicious!

This girl is a wonderful part of living in
Carlisle. Love her.

Momma to be!

Flowers on the food table,
done by moi.

Flowers on the guest tables...

three musketeers.

oh to be skinny and blonde....
It has rained nooooon-stop here. So dreadful, but made for a good day to lay on the couch and watch HGTV and snooze a little. Janet, Mom, and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow to see seeester and have some shopping fun at market on Monday.
Speaking of seeester, Baby Spingola is going to be a BOY! He's currently 8 ounces and has long legs. He's a very active little thing! Lots of growing to do before we meet him.
Oh! I had an interview for a Kindergarten teaching job on Thursday. There's one position available and I was one of three people to interview. Please say a little prayer for me that I get the job! Odds are somewhat against me because I have no experience in a classroom, but I'm one class and one internship away from having a Masters in Early Childhood. School starts August 19 so hopefully they will make a decision soon. I think it was a really good interview. I was very nervous until I got in the room and then I felt very comfortable! And very smiley :) So, pleeeease pleeeease pray!


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