Tuesday, July 28, 2009

these folks are quick!

I was told on Friday that the framers would not start putting up walls until Monday because they had another job to work on. After I closed the shop on Saturday I drove out, just for sh*ts and giggles I suppose, and I'm glad I did! We had walls!

This stage in the house causes MAJOR complexes. Rooms look tiiiiiiiny, so tiny that a couch wouldn't possibly fit in the living room. Mom told me to get over it. There was definitely room for a couch.

Monday morning before work I took my daily detour to see what progress was being made. Interior walls were up, decking was being put up, and the roof was about to be started!

These folks are quick! And I'm loving it :)
Mom's heading this way someday this week and we are going to try to get a lot done...finalize the polished concrete floor colors, look at appliances, pick out light fixtures, and decide if we are going to do granite or concrete on the countertops.


My name is Megan... said...

it is going quick! looking good!

Katie Mentzel said...

exciting stuff! can't believe how fast it's going! I'm with Cathy, CHILLAX! haha this coming from a high strung new mom ha

Alyssa Stroman said...

Wow, so exciting for you!! New Store, New House :) I am def. going to order something from the store--its precious! -Alyssa


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