Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shoe addiction

So, I have a confession. I love shoes. Like most of you didn't know that already. I do admit that I have a problem, but I have tried to clean out old shoes when I purchase new ones and I have been successful at this, especially since I've had to pack all of them up to move. Knowing this addiction, one would think that to break the addiction, I should stay away from shoe sales. No such luck. Dillard's was having a HUGE shoe sale this weekend, like the whole store HUGE sale. Janet, Ashley, and I went to Little Rock on Friday to check it out. Mom came in town on Saturday and us four went back. Twice in two days! Ended up with four new pairs of shoes. Good thing Matt doesn't read the blog or I'd be in trouble! He thinks I have a problem too.

Since I've started exercising a little more (yes, just now) and going to jazzercise I needed some lightweight tennis shoes...and not only are these lightweight and comfortable, they are cute.

I'm a fan of crocs. Love them. Not always the cutest flip flop, but definitely cushiony.

My first day of shopping I came home with two pairs of Coach flip flops. They were both half off so I snagged a heck of a deal! Two for lower than the price of one! This was the only one I could find online. It can be casual or dress an outfit up. They were a perfect choice for my 4th of July attire.

I can't believe I am admitting that I got 4 pairs of shoes this weekend on my blog. But the first step to breaking an addiction is admitting you have one right?
I am making a trip to the consignment shop tomorrow if it's any consolation.


lesli said...

cute shoes girl! i felt bad, because i bought two pairs of black sandals last week on the same day. they were really cute & a good deal=) at least we have healthy addictions, right?

jill said...

you are my hero. i've done 2 pairs in one day, but never 4 pairs in 2 days. i'm impressed. and they are SO cute!!! love love love it!

allison said...

shame on you... just kidding... you've just reminded me that i haven't bought any new shoes in months!


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