Tuesday, July 21, 2009

gone fishin'

If there's one thing that Matt's grandmother loves to do it is fish. That lady would fish all day, every day if she could. Matt's dad bought Betty her own fishing boat last week. She loved it and said all it needed - a few swivel chairs with backs....three seats coming right up. Jerry, Matt's dad, is pretty crazy about fishing too and let me just say, these two are a hoot to fish with. Matt and I joined them on Sunday for a fishing adventure on our reservoir at the farm. You'll never find Betty with less than two poles in her hands, and we got quite competitive...she kept fishing in my territory and catching all my fish!

It was a pretty successful trip - so successful that these poor fish are becoming our dinner as we speak. Croppy night at the Kelly house is classic. Matt's dad and uncle even took off work early today to get busy cooking...must be special for the farm boys to come in early (does help that it rained today!). You've never seen 10 happier people sitting around a table eating fish...and these people do not eat fillets like I'm used to - they eat it off the bone! I'm still learning...it's hard! All in all we caught 28 croppy along with some bass, brim, and catfish.

like mother, like son...coming to pick us up
she always has two poles, or more.
we were two competitive fishergirls! needless to say,
she caught a few more than me, but one with my pole, and
one in my territory!
beautiful catch!
one of her many...
my cute farmer with his catch of the day
the happiest fisherman alive
he was proud of this catch!


Katie Mentzel said...

Man those are some nice catches!!!! I love the pics, y'all are all such goodlooking fisherpeople :)

jill said...

how fun!!!!! i'm majorly impressed you touched a fish. i'm not at all that brave! :)


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