Saturday, July 25, 2009

friday drama

Friday = stressful. freaking. day. On Thursday evening, I was on the phone with the ever so great manager at Wells Fargo in Texarkana to figure out major check issues. When Century Bank was bought out by Wells Fargo we were told we could use our old checks until we ran out. Well, that's what I was doing when I opened a new box of checks that I had from Century. Wrote a whopping $5,000 check to my construction account at my bank here only to find out that "the check was returned due to no account"....UGH whaaat? Yes I do believe I have an account. Come to find out, that new box of checks....well, they all had the WRONG account number on them. I hate bank drama. But Bryan DePriest, the best manager EVER and my hero, overnited me a cashier's check and hooked me up with free checks..and a keychain. So Friday morning I was major stressing when the people working on the concrete slab at our house needed money and I hadn't rec'd my overnited cashier's check yet. Finally got the money, that problem solved. Well, until I get my new awesome stagecoach Wells Fargo checks, ha. Free of charge. Wells Fargo sidenote: My mother just told me that when you open a new account at Wells Fargo, you get a stuffed pony. Really!??!? Talk about incentive to open a new account! I'm straight to the bank on my next trip to Texarkana so I can get a stuffed pony. I have been dying to get my hands on a stuffed pony, ha.

Then the front door drama started. On the phone all freaking day with the door man trying to get prices on a front door that was the size we needed in our price range. With glass, without glass, left handed door, right handed door, sidelight, no sidelight? Then he gave me the wrong prices. Finally decided on a front door and I think it fits our rustic designed house. Our door will only have one sidelite instead of one on each side.

During all the money and house drama I stop by the shop to pick up some deposits and wham! four huge orders were delivered within an hour of each other. The front of the shop was complete madness. Boxes everywhere! You'll thank me for only posting one picture. The others are me inside the box with my huge rear end sticking up in the air. That will NOT be posted on the internet! We have no storage for all of our new things...guess it's time to rearrange the store for fall and Christmas :)

Well, back to the house. I was out a few days ago seeing what had been done and this is what I saw as I drove down the street. Eight geese taking a stroll.

Concrete was poured today. Drama in itself. We were so happy to see the concrete being poured until I realized there was a 5' indention on the front of the house that was supposed to be just that, an indention, where I could maybe plant some pretty flowers, but no, today it is concrete. Then I freak out because what if they measured for the kitchen plumbing wrong. Took my little tape measure and measured like I knew what I was doing. Luckily it was in the right place. Unwanted concrete will now be "taken care of" on Monday....with jackhammers I hope.

All of this house drama caused Matt and I to be such delightful people to be around last night :)
Did not sleep well. Should have had that peach bellini at Carino's last night.
Maybe tonight.


Cathy said...

Your blog sounds more like one that should be posted by "Young and Precious" blog! lol You just need your Dad to live closer so he could have built this house. Oh well, now you know what he deals with while building everday.

My name is Megan... said...

gosh, i think it's going to be a long few months :( hang in least you have an idea of what should be going wise! it will end up great though! can't wait to see the new shop stuff!


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