Friday, July 17, 2009

day with molly jane

Last weekend the fab five all gathered in Oklahoma City to meet miss Molly Jane! Can I please tell you how freaking adorable that kid is?!? She looks precious in pictures, but she is just perfect in real life. We spent the day eating pizza and cookies (fattening? who cares, we were celebrating Molly!) and just being with the Katie, Erik, and Molly. Lucky for us, we got to give Molly her first real bath! Little girl needed to eat, but was too busy snoozing so we decided bathtime would help wake her up. As you can imagine, lots of pictures were taken. Here's a little glimpse into our fun day!

cute little family!

megan and molly

fab five with molly :)

playing around in photoshop...

snoozing in auntie whitney's arms :)
and with auntie amy...

fab five + molly + fab five mom, lisa
Much love to Molly! Can't wait until our next visit. Wish I didn't live six hours away.
Stay tuned for a house's going fast!

1 comment:

Katie Mentzel said...

love the pictures! I really love that one of shuggie with the boppy pillow! I must've been out of the room for that. Thanks for the sweet post and for coming to see us!


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