Thursday, July 23, 2009

crappie, croppy

The Kelly men did a wonderful job frying us up some crappie (pronounced "croppy"... I was informed of my spelling error in the previous post)! I'm still no pro on eating off the bone, but I tried my best and it was sure delicious. Here's me with my catch! And yes, I'm wearing longsleeves in July. It has been so cool here lately! It rained the whole time we ate. We were sitting on the covered backporch so longsleeves were needed...followed by a beautiful rainbow!

Yesterday was a proud day for me. I shipped my first Park Street Market online order! I was so surprised when I got an email that payment had been received for an online purchase. And the buyer was from Broomfield, Colorado of all in the world did she find my little shop in Carlisle, Arkansas! I made sure it was wrapped all cute with a cute bow :)

Work on the house has continued after the monsoon that we got. The plumbers were there yesterday to do what they do. Concrete comes soon! The house looks so tiny when it's just dirt. I have this complex that they didn't measure right and that the house won't be the right size when it's sure looks like they put the toilet in my closet...I know "the place to go" is important, but so are my shoes! Hopefully after the concrete is poured and walls go up this complex will fade??


Katie Mentzel said...

congrats on your delicious catch and your first online order! that's awesome! speaking of online orders... I HAVE TO ORDER THOSE STAMPS! I'm going to do that.. now.. hopefully

Katie Mentzel said...

and now molly is screaming so maybe i'll get those ordered some other time

allison said...

yay for the house... and shoes are def more important.

My name is Megan... said...

Congrats on your first online order! :) Yay for yummie fish, too! The house is going quick!

jill said...

shoes trump the potty. no question. and i can't wait to add a little park street to the new house!!!


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