Tuesday, July 28, 2009

these folks are quick!

I was told on Friday that the framers would not start putting up walls until Monday because they had another job to work on. After I closed the shop on Saturday I drove out, just for sh*ts and giggles I suppose, and I'm glad I did! We had walls!

This stage in the house causes MAJOR complexes. Rooms look tiiiiiiiny, so tiny that a couch wouldn't possibly fit in the living room. Mom told me to get over it. There was definitely room for a couch.

Monday morning before work I took my daily detour to see what progress was being made. Interior walls were up, decking was being put up, and the roof was about to be started!

These folks are quick! And I'm loving it :)
Mom's heading this way someday this week and we are going to try to get a lot done...finalize the polished concrete floor colors, look at appliances, pick out light fixtures, and decide if we are going to do granite or concrete on the countertops.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

friday drama

Friday = stressful. freaking. day. On Thursday evening, I was on the phone with the ever so great manager at Wells Fargo in Texarkana to figure out major check issues. When Century Bank was bought out by Wells Fargo we were told we could use our old checks until we ran out. Well, that's what I was doing when I opened a new box of checks that I had from Century. Wrote a whopping $5,000 check to my construction account at my bank here only to find out that "the check was returned due to no account"....UGH whaaat? Yes I do believe I have an account. Come to find out, that new box of checks....well, they all had the WRONG account number on them. I hate bank drama. But Bryan DePriest, the best manager EVER and my hero, overnited me a cashier's check and hooked me up with free checks..and a keychain. So Friday morning I was major stressing when the people working on the concrete slab at our house needed money and I hadn't rec'd my overnited cashier's check yet. Finally got the money, that problem solved. Well, until I get my new awesome stagecoach Wells Fargo checks, ha. Free of charge. Wells Fargo sidenote: My mother just told me that when you open a new account at Wells Fargo, you get a stuffed pony. Really!??!? Talk about incentive to open a new account! I'm straight to the bank on my next trip to Texarkana so I can get a stuffed pony. I have been dying to get my hands on a stuffed pony, ha.

Then the front door drama started. On the phone all freaking day with the door man trying to get prices on a front door that was the size we needed in our price range. With glass, without glass, left handed door, right handed door, sidelight, no sidelight? Then he gave me the wrong prices. Finally decided on a front door and I think it fits our rustic designed house. Our door will only have one sidelite instead of one on each side.

During all the money and house drama I stop by the shop to pick up some deposits and wham! four huge orders were delivered within an hour of each other. The front of the shop was complete madness. Boxes everywhere! You'll thank me for only posting one picture. The others are me inside the box with my huge rear end sticking up in the air. That will NOT be posted on the internet! We have no storage for all of our new things...guess it's time to rearrange the store for fall and Christmas :)

Well, back to the house. I was out a few days ago seeing what had been done and this is what I saw as I drove down the street. Eight geese taking a stroll.

Concrete was poured today. Drama in itself. We were so happy to see the concrete being poured until I realized there was a 5' indention on the front of the house that was supposed to be just that, an indention, where I could maybe plant some pretty flowers, but no, today it is concrete. Then I freak out because what if they measured for the kitchen plumbing wrong. Took my little tape measure and measured like I knew what I was doing. Luckily it was in the right place. Unwanted concrete will now be "taken care of" on Monday....with jackhammers I hope.

All of this house drama caused Matt and I to be such delightful people to be around last night :)
Did not sleep well. Should have had that peach bellini at Carino's last night.
Maybe tonight.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

crappie, croppy

The Kelly men did a wonderful job frying us up some crappie (pronounced "croppy"... I was informed of my spelling error in the previous post)! I'm still no pro on eating off the bone, but I tried my best and it was sure delicious. Here's me with my catch! And yes, I'm wearing longsleeves in July. It has been so cool here lately! It rained the whole time we ate. We were sitting on the covered backporch so longsleeves were needed...followed by a beautiful rainbow!

Yesterday was a proud day for me. I shipped my first Park Street Market online order! I was so surprised when I got an email that payment had been received for an online purchase. And the buyer was from Broomfield, Colorado of all places....how in the world did she find my little shop in Carlisle, Arkansas! I made sure it was wrapped all cute with a cute bow :)

Work on the house has continued after the monsoon that we got. The plumbers were there yesterday to do what they do. Concrete comes soon! The house looks so tiny when it's just dirt. I have this complex that they didn't measure right and that the house won't be the right size when it's done...it sure looks like they put the toilet in my closet...I know "the place to go" is important, but so are my shoes! Hopefully after the concrete is poured and walls go up this complex will fade??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

gone fishin'

If there's one thing that Matt's grandmother loves to do it is fish. That lady would fish all day, every day if she could. Matt's dad bought Betty her own fishing boat last week. She loved it and said all it needed - a few swivel chairs with backs....three seats coming right up. Jerry, Matt's dad, is pretty crazy about fishing too and let me just say, these two are a hoot to fish with. Matt and I joined them on Sunday for a fishing adventure on our reservoir at the farm. You'll never find Betty with less than two poles in her hands, and we got quite competitive...she kept fishing in my territory and catching all my fish!

It was a pretty successful trip - so successful that these poor fish are becoming our dinner as we speak. Croppy night at the Kelly house is classic. Matt's dad and uncle even took off work early today to get busy cooking...must be special for the farm boys to come in early (does help that it rained today!). You've never seen 10 happier people sitting around a table eating fish...and these people do not eat fillets like I'm used to - they eat it off the bone! I'm still learning...it's hard! All in all we caught 28 croppy along with some bass, brim, and catfish.

like mother, like son...coming to pick us up
she always has two poles, or more.
we were two competitive fishergirls! needless to say,
she caught a few more than me, but one with my pole, and
one in my territory!
beautiful catch!
one of her many...
my cute farmer with his catch of the day
the happiest fisherman alive
he was proud of this catch!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

new house!

We have finally started our house! We broke ground on Wednesday, July 15, and work has been done every day since. The builder told us that he hopes to have us in by Christmas, which would be soooo great! A new house and a new baby niece or nephew will make for a happy end to the year. Here's the progress of the first three days of work.

Wednesday, July 15
Thursday, July 16 - Footings complete!

Friday, July 17 - Blocking complete!
Good to know that our house will be built on a solid foundation...

We are anxious to see what progress next week brings. This is getting so exciting, and kind of stressful...but I love it! Windows were ordered yesterday and I'm in the process of picking out a front door. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 17, 2009

day with molly jane

Last weekend the fab five all gathered in Oklahoma City to meet miss Molly Jane! Can I please tell you how freaking adorable that kid is?!? She looks precious in pictures, but she is just perfect in real life. We spent the day eating pizza and cookies (fattening? who cares, we were celebrating Molly!) and just being with the Katie, Erik, and Molly. Lucky for us, we got to give Molly her first real bath! Little girl needed to eat, but was too busy snoozing so we decided bathtime would help wake her up. As you can imagine, lots of pictures were taken. Here's a little glimpse into our fun day!

cute little family!

megan and molly

fab five with molly :)

playing around in photoshop...

snoozing in auntie whitney's arms :)
and with auntie amy...

fab five + molly + fab five mom, lisa
Much love to Molly! Can't wait until our next visit. Wish I didn't live six hours away.
Stay tuned for a house update....it's going fast!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

today is the day

...that our new house is starting!

We are excited, but it's kind of strange for us because we are starting a house and my Dad is not building it. He builds houses, but three hours away, and it was kind of impossible for him to build the house. We are so sad, and so is Dad! I'm sure he and Mom will be up a lot to check on the progress of the house and make sure things are being done how he would do them :)

We met our builder at our lot at 9 AM. We thought we were just going to confirm the position of the house on the lot...well, we did that and then this big truck started coming down the road with supplies...wow! He started unloading equipment and calling people to come out this afternoon to start working....crrrazy! I forgot my camera, but found my little point and shoot in my car so I snapped a few pictures. This piece of grass will soon be our new home!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

molly, here we come!

This little precious angel will be in my arms in less than 48 hours! I AM SO EXCITED. Of course I love her already, but oh how I will love her more when I get to meet her :) I'm heading to Texarkana tomorrow and then leaving for Oklahoma City with Amy and her mom brrrright and early Saturday morning. It will be a quick trip, but completely worth it.

Speaking of babies, have you all seen the new Evian (water) commercial? So hilarious! If you haven't seen it, check out the link.
Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shoe addiction

So, I have a confession. I love shoes. Like most of you didn't know that already. I do admit that I have a problem, but I have tried to clean out old shoes when I purchase new ones and I have been successful at this, especially since I've had to pack all of them up to move. Knowing this addiction, one would think that to break the addiction, I should stay away from shoe sales. No such luck. Dillard's was having a HUGE shoe sale this weekend, like the whole store HUGE sale. Janet, Ashley, and I went to Little Rock on Friday to check it out. Mom came in town on Saturday and us four went back. Twice in two days! Ended up with four new pairs of shoes. Good thing Matt doesn't read the blog or I'd be in trouble! He thinks I have a problem too.

Since I've started exercising a little more (yes, just now) and going to jazzercise I needed some lightweight tennis shoes...and not only are these lightweight and comfortable, they are cute.

I'm a fan of crocs. Love them. Not always the cutest flip flop, but definitely cushiony.

My first day of shopping I came home with two pairs of Coach flip flops. They were both half off so I snagged a heck of a deal! Two for lower than the price of one! This was the only one I could find online. It can be casual or dress an outfit up. They were a perfect choice for my 4th of July attire.

I can't believe I am admitting that I got 4 pairs of shoes this weekend on my blog. But the first step to breaking an addiction is admitting you have one right?
I am making a trip to the consignment shop tomorrow if it's any consolation.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

food. family. fun times.

The Kelly 4th of July festivities were full of yummy food, lots of stories, and fun with the family. Here's a few pics from the night!

We were so happy that Stratton (Matt's cousin) brought Emily - we love her....and I love having a new dinner friend. I hope you are around for a long long time!

Dean had to stay back in Dallas...had to stay at the hospital on doctor duty. But it was nice having Ash home. And baby Spingola :)

I forgot to take a picture of the belly bump before Seester left for the airport and I think she is probably happy that I forgot...It is just a little pooch, but it is super cute!


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