Monday, December 28, 2009

oooh baaby!

No, I have no news to report regarding the farmer and I and babies.  I wish.  But we do have a new nephew!  Michael Anthony Spingola was born December 21 at 10:26 AM.  He was 7 pounds and 10 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long.  A cute little italian babe! I have a million pictures on my camera, but haven't had a chance to upload them yet so here is a sneak peek :)

Mom and baby are doing great.  She went in Sunday night to get started on meds and Monday morning there was still no progress.  Her, Dean, and the doctor decided at 8:30 to do a c-section and the next available time he had was was madness trying to notify everyone that in less than 2 hours there would be a baby!  It was about 11:30 before we got to see Michael and the suspense was killing us!  He came out absolutely perfect and little did he know that he had tons of family loving him already ;) 

Ashley and the baby weren't released until Thursday morning because she had a c-section so we spent many hours rocking in the hospital.  I did get some last minute Christmas shopping done and had lunch with my dear friend Kim on Wednesday when Ash needed to get some rest.  When we woke up Thursday morning there were news flashes all over the TV for chances of snow, but we were a little skeptical.  What do ya did snow! And baby Spingola got to go home on Christmas Eve while it was snowing :)  It was rather ironic because Ashley and Matt were both brought home from the hospital while it was snowing.  Having him be able to go home healthy was the best Christmas present our family could ask for. 

Matt and I had to leave Thursday afternoon to make it to Texarkana for my family Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We had a great Christmas!  Matt headed back to Carlisle on Christmas Day afternoon because he had duck hunters to guide Saturday morning and I stayed in Texarkana for the night.  Mom and I drove up to Dallas for the day so she could see the little man and I could take pictures of him Saturday afternoon.  We started off the day with a dead car battery so we stopped at WalMart in New Boston to get it changed.  They ran tests, said it wasn't dead, but we weren't going to take our chances and told them to change it anyways.  Come to find out, they don't have a battery that fits a 2007 Tahoe.  Lovely.  We head to Dallas and call every Chevrolet dealership on the way to see if there was a service department open.  Finally find one in Garland that we had to pass to get to Ashley's house.  $170 later we had a new battery and head to Ashley's.  Stop at LaMadeline's for a little lunch, get back in the car, and it won't freaking start!  Mom leaves me on the curb of the restaurant waiting for my mother-in-law to come pick me up as she heads back to the dealership after having some random guy in the parking lot boost us off.  Ended up being a loose bolt on that battery.  UGH.  After all the chaos we finally got to spend some time with Ashley and the baby, but he wasn't up for much of a photo shoot. 

And now I'm back in good ol' Carlisle and it feels good to be back home in our new place.  When I got back, Mom had fixed up our back bedroom.  I was unhappy with it and couldn't get it to look good so after a quick shopping trip to Pottery Barn she had it looking wonderful!  Pictures to come.  I hope to get our Christmas decorations down this week and get the house back in order.  We talked to a lady today that cleans houses for two of our good friends and she is going to start next week....for $30 a week!  I have a feeling it will be so worth it to have my house clean and not have to worry about it. 

Tonight I'll be feeding the father-in-law.  He is pretty lost on cooking when Janet is out of town and she has more important things to worry about at the a little precious grandson.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Now it's time to look forward to the new year :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thaaaaaank the Lord for Christmas break!

I love my students, but oh how I needed a break.  Thanksgiving break went by too quickly and I think the kids had inside recess everyday since due to rain so they were very restless.  We had fun last week making Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas carols, and reading Christmas books.  Their eyes lit up when my aide and I gave them their Christmas gifts.  For some of my kids that was the only Christmas gift they will get.  I'm glad we could put a smile on their face :) 

For those of you who normally get Christmas cards from Matt and I, do not fear, you were not neglected this year...I simply did not get around to doing cards.  Matt and I were scheduled to have our picture taken by Jordan while we were home for Thanksgiving, but I ended up traveling by myself because Matt had duck hunters to guide that week.  After that, the days got away from me and I never ended up looking at cards.  When I finally sat down to think about it, the soonest I could get them was Monday or Tuesday and well, we will be in Dallas so that wasn't going to work.  Oh well, I'll do better next year.

And Katie, about the top of my Christmas's really just different things I bought and threw together.  It has some pheasant feathers from a place in Little Rock and red glittery berry picks and gold glittery picks from Target.  Just start sticking them in and voila! you have a new cute topper!  You should try it next year :)

I'm somewhat of a procrastinator (like none of you knew that already).  See, we are leaving tomorrow to head to Dallas for the nephew's arrival and well, I haven't packed a single item.  Kudos to me for getting luggage out this morning before I went to open the shop for a few hours.  I guess I have no choice but to spend my afternoon packing the farmer and I for a week long Christmas road trip.  We leave tomorrow to drive six hours to Dallas where seeester will check in to the hospital tomorrow night.  Baby will be here Monday hopefully and we'll ooh and ahh for a few days before heading to Texarkana to do Christmas with my family.  Come Christmas Day afternoon we'll boogie on back to Arkansas to have dinner and Christmas with the rest of Matt's family.  Whoo! That was tiring just writing it.  We did Christmas with Matt's parents last night so we wouldn't have to haul the gifts to Dallas to turn around and haul them back.  This was our big gift from them....

A Frigidaire freezer!  We sound like old people...all we want for Christmas is a freezer.  But really, we needed one.  And the farmer especially wanted it so he would have a place for deer meat.  The farmer also got some clothes, a new camera, and a Sonicare toothbrush...he was pumped!  I got a sweater, two necklaces (so pretty!), some pj pants and a new scarf, a sooo cute gold and turquoise polka dot casserole dish that matches my dishes, a set of pine tree topiarys with burlap bases (so cute! picture to come) and this...

I have the large red velvet quilted bag in the back so this year I got the small white one to match :)  And it was full of goodies!

I'll take more pictures of my goodies when we get back in town.  It's all still in boxes and bags.  No time to unpack...I must pack luggage!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  I'll be back next week with pictures of the new addition to our family - baby boy Spingola.  Ash is very ready to have this baby and we are ready to meet him :)  This Christmas will be one we'll never forget! 

From our family to yours...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Kelly house.  Finally, right?  It's taken me a while to get it all up, but it's all finished and our house is full of Christmas cheer :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm baaaack!

Annnnnnd I'm back!  Internet is up and running again....Praise the Lord!  It was getting a little old only being able to blog when I was sitting in class and since I'm done with class the internet came at a perfect time.  Have you missed me??????

I think our house is finally pretty much decorated and organized...except for the back guest bedroom and I'm not really happy with that is still a work in progress.  I decorated for Christmas on Saturday...better late than never.  I'm taking the simplistic approach this year. Matt asked the other day, "why did you decorate the house if you are just going to take it all down to put up Christmas?" 
Here's a few pics of the house before Christmas decorations :)  I'll post Christmas pictures later in the week.  Sooner than later hopefully!!

master bedroom
we now have new nightstands....picture coming soon.

love this Pottery Barn shelf in the bedroom!

looking into kitchen from breakfast room

our favorite brick wall in the living room

entryway art :)

guest bedroom number one

still need to clean the duvet cover for this bed...matches the shams, you get the effect

guest bathroom

my vanity

the farmer's vanity

master bathtub/shower

Well, that is it on the house for now!  I still need to take pictures of the new nightstands and of the entertainment center and barrel chairs for the bedroom once I get them painted.  Hopefully I'll get that done over Christmas break...after I meet our baby nephew in Dallas.

Moving right along...

I spent four days of Thanksgiving break in Texarkana.  It was nice to be home :)  The farmer had to work...he guides duck hunters in the it was just me and the parents.  We spent Thanksgiving day just with family and I was completely blown away when my grandmother gave me my grandfather's American flag from his funeral for our housewarming gift.  Needless to say I was bawling and squaling when she gave it to me.  Now I just have to find the perfect place to hang it. 

Friday was lunch with the fab five, minus one - Allison, Katie (and Erik), and Amy (and Scott)...Megan was there in spirit since she wasn't in town.  We missed you!  We had lunch downtown at Zapata's.  Great food and lots of catching up with the girls.  After lunch I got to see sweet pea.  She was 2 weeks old last time I saw her so it was a treat to play with her :) Good Golly Miss Molly, you have gotten big!

Amy and Scott

Erik and Katie

Allison and I

Miss Molly!

happy baby :)

Later that afternoon Mom and I did some shopping and stopped by Target and who did we run into but Jill and Sophie!  We were so excited to see them.  Sophie was having a ball shopping and she was sure to let us know that she had come to Target to shop :)  She's learning young! 

I'm pretty sure if I don't get in bed my kids are going to be hating me tomorrow. 

I'm so glad to be back at blogging!!!!! 

And my graduate school semester is over as of tonight!!!!!!

Love, joy and happiness :) 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the week of giving thanks

Well, it's Thanksgiving, the week of giving thanks.  And I'm pretty sure I have plenty to be thankful for this year. 

I'm thankful for my farmer.  He's pretty sweet when he wants to be :)  We both have wonderful families and tons of wonderful friends, many who we don't get to see enough.  We are very thankful and blessed to be in a new home that we enjoy more each and every day.  Except now I have a larger house to clean, which is a pain, but, I'm not complaining.  We both have good jobs - and very thankful that the Lord answered a huge prayer in allowing me to have a teaching job when I was pretty down about ever finding a job.  And with that new job, I can be thankful that I can now graduate from grad school in May....and May can't come soon enough.  Although I will say that the new house, a new job, and graduate school has pushed me to my limit this semester and I'm ready for something to give!  I am definitely not thankful that I have a bacterial infection, but am thankful it's not strep throat.  I'm thankful that on Thursday I get a Thanksgiving feast that will knock your socks off and hope to be thankful for the Aggies beating the Longhorns, but I'm pretty sure I can just forget about that. 

This Thanksgiving season I feel more grateful than ever because I see more now than ever, through my new job, that there are children in our communities who feel like they have nothing to be thankful for.  They may not spend Thanksgiving with families who love them because they have familiies who don't even care.  We need to remember how lucky we are this Thanksgiving holiday. 

I do know six things that probably aren't thankful this week.  The six deer now hanging on thed wall in Matt's man room.

I do admit that they kind of creep me out.  The wall to the left of the deer has a door that opens up to my desk.  Sunday night I was sitting at the desk organizing and had to shut the door because the deer weirded me they were watching me!  Matt is in pure heaven.  He loves it.  Oh, and there is one over our fireplace mantle, which actually makes seven deer in my house.  It does look pretty awesome if you like that  kind of decor, but it takes a minute to get used to it. 

I will be taking some pictures before I leave town to go to my parent's house so the family can see the house so I'll be sharing those soon. 

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I participated in Jill's ornament exchange over at The Young and the Precious. I've never met the person whose name I got, but I was so happy that I could send her a little Christmas cheer.  Here's the super cute ornament I sent her that you can find at Park Street Market :) 

Oh, and Jill would be happy to know that today, on my day off from school, after I returned from the doctor who just had to tell me I had a bacterial infection...I watched Young and the Restless.  She'll be proud of me.  I haven't watched it in ages, but soaps are always the can not watch in months and pick up right where you left off! 

Speaking of soaps, we now have DVR!  Sooooooo happy.  Actually, ESTATIC.  I can record shows now including my soap.  I've always had Tivo, but it never worked that great.  And then we lived with Matt's parents who have cable and for sure no DVR.  When the Directv guy came to install it there was somewhat of an issue with the DVR and in order to use it we would have to upgrade our other receivers...I gladly agreed...anything to have my DVR.  Sad, huh??  I guess I watch too much TV.  But what else am I going to do while the farmer is working late or hunting late?  Clean? Do homework? That's no fun.

I'm very proud of myself for not creating this post while sitting in class last night.  I actually worked.  I figured since our huge unit plan project was due next Wednesday and I have no internet that I should probably get what I could get done during class.  And I should be working on it now while I'm at the shop, but I keep thinking that I can work on it while I'm at Mom and Dad's this weekend...she says no, we have more important things to eat and shop.  Well, duh, of course! 

I hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful, out of this world Thanksgiving holiday! 

What are you thankful for this holiday season??

Monday, November 16, 2009

bad habit

Ok, so I probably shouldn't make this a habit.  Sitting in class blogging.  But it really is the definition of pure miserableness.  Do not ask 22 college students to sit in the computer lab for 3 hours and expect them to actually do their work.  We blog.  And facebook.  And then do our homework late Sunday night. 

This weekend was madness! It was the major move and it was major.  We succesfully got all of our furniture moved in except two pieces and hopefully those will be moved in this week.  A HUGE thank you to my parents and Matt's parents for helping us move.  And what in the world would I do without house decorator momma to do my decorating for me :)  The pantry is organized, all the kitchen is put away and decorated, one guest bedroom finished, and the living room is pretty much in place.  My closet on the other hand....CHAOS.  Pure chaos.  I would be too embarrased to take a picture of my closet for you.  Before or after.  Because it's pretty embarrasing how many clothes I have once I get them all hung up and placed.  For the past two years I have had closets the size of, ok I don't know what, but they were small.  And half my clothes stayed in bags so I never really knew what all I had.  Until this weekend.  I will say that I have cleaned out a lot and will be dropping off at the consignment shop.  Ok, shoes aren't much better.  Matt couldn't believe how many containers of shoes I had until he saw them all sitting on the bedroom floor.  No comment.  I have an obsession.  CLEARLY.

I am super pumped about next week.  Our school is out for a week for Thanksgiving.  I was beyond happy because back in the day when I was in school we only had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday out.  The teachers laughed at me today because I didn't realize that we really were out all week...I thought I might get told that even though the students are out, we had to work, but nope, we are out too!  Woo hoo!  I think I may take a trip to Texarkana to see the fam and bestie...after my oh so exciting woman doctors appointment...they are the worst....and no, I am not pregnant.  Although I do think my Dad would like a grandchild now that we are getting settled in our new house.  I'll think about it.  Matt will not. 

I'm still finding it very sad that the only time I have to blog lately has been in class in the computer lab.  Guess it would help if I had internet hooked up at the new house, but that won't be for a few weeks I think.  That's what sucks about being the first person to build in a new phone connection...although you would think that would be a no brainer these days.  TV should be hooked up in the morning...not that I need TV since I have tons of organizing to do.  Speaking of TV, Directv is on my bad list.  They suck.  Awful customer service. 

Until next Monday night at 6 PM....

or until I can get to a house with internet....

when I have some spare time and that's not likely going to happen soon.

OH!  Christmas Open House this Sunday afternoon at Park Street Market :)  Come shop if you are in the area.  It's sooo beautiful decorated for Christmas!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Is it terrible that I am sitting in the computer lab during class blogging?  I am currently experiencing one big miserable moment in time.  I've caught up on my blog reading and facebook and email so I figured I might as well blog :) 

A big shout out to my bestie Megan for wishing me a happy birthday on her blog.  She forgot about my birthday until late Saturday night and tried to use the excuse that pregnancy makes her forgetful and I told her that she is only 8 weeks pregnant, that she can't be that forgetful yet!  I love you Megs :)

My birthday weekend was very busy!  Mom got here Friday morning and unpacked boxes while I was at work and I joined her after school.  Saturday was spent unpacking, but we did take a break and run some errands in Little Rock.  Saturday night we had dinner and yummy cake with the family.  I bet you can't guess what we did Sunday??  Yep, moved and unpacked some more.  This girl has tons of crap!  Matt's parents did move two beds to the house and wanted to bring over the washer and dryer, but the connections aren't set up and the painters need to clean paint off the laundry room floor.  I am beginning to think they are ready to get rid of us.  If you have a bed and a washer and a dryer I suppose you can survive.  Or at least be rested and clean.  Today I had a funeral to attend so I spent the rest of the day working at the house some.  I need my house to be organized and at this point it is far from it! Hopefully I can get the last things moved this week and we can start staying there this weekend.

Mom and Dad will be here again this weekend for....

opening day of deer season. 

This day is a holiday in my household.  Matt's primary goal this week is to get finished cutting beans and move the furniture in so he can deer hunt this weekend.  It is a major obsession.  I'm talking MAJOR.  Stay tuned for pictures of Matt's "man cave" to get the full effect.  I've begged and begged to go deer hunting, but every season the excuse always is "not until I get my first big buck" and then he gets it and never wants to take me because he just can't fathom the thought of having to "babysit" me while deer hunting.  I told him I don't want babysitting.  Just take me to a freaking deer stand and let me concentrate on killing my big buck! I think he's scared I'll interfere with his man time.  Or maybe he's scared I'll kill a larger deer than him!  Ok, that's a lie.  I'm not a very good shot apparently. And I guess I see his point.  It's like him wanting to always go shopping with me.  Although every now and then would be nice :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009



I live in Carlisle.  I teach in Hazen.  Tomorrow night's football game = Carlisle vs. Hazen.  The farmer went to Carlisle and wore black and gold.  I now wear purple and white weekly to school...farmer freaks.  I bought the "smackdown" shirt so I don't have to choose.  I can wear both black and gold and purple and white.  I may wear one purple sock and one gold sock.  I've been warned that there may be purple signs in the yard of our new house tomorrow morning.  I should probably go by on my way to school and pull them up or my new house will be demolished!  I told my students I may wear black and gold.  I thought they were going to jump me right then and there in my classroom. The farmer said I should wear his football jersey from high school.  Mother-in-law said no way, jose.  Don't want that jersey ruined!

Oh, by the way, I. AM. SO. EXCITED. First, hellllllo people, it's my biiiiirthday on Saturday...whoop whoop.  I told my students that I was going to be 96, that they aged me 70 years in a month's time!  They didn't believe me.  Ok, so I'm not really excited about my birthday.  I'm just 26.  No milestones this year.  But, I AM EXCITED about moving stuff into the new house this weekend!  Thanks to momma for coming up tomorrow to help me move and unpack.  So NOT excited about the actual moving boxes part, but it will be worth it. The farmer is still harvesting beans so it may be tough to pull him away to move our furniture.  Praying for rain :)

We had our new granite bar installed this morning.  The original bar was a result of miscommunication and was not wide enough to use so we came to a compromise and were able to get a new one.  The granite installers were convinced we were making the most awful decision by tearing out the original one.  They were not convinced that the new slab I picked out matched the slab we had in the rest of the kitchen.  I got a call today from the installer's wife.  She said that her husband had done granite for 22 years and he was absolutely amazed at how well the new bar looked and that tearing out the original bar and replacing it was the best decision any homeowner he's worked for has ever made, and yes, it looks AMAZING.  Pictures do it no justice!  They also asked if they could use our kitchen for advertising and on their new business cards.  I of course agreed! This picture was taken with my phone so you can't get the full effect....better pictures to come.  And the board will be removed tomorrow once the iron corbels are attached to brace the bar.

Been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for this desk to get done in the kitchen.  We stained all the kitchen cabinets, but decided to paint and glaze the desk to make it look like an antiqued piece of furniture.  Painters did opposite of what I asked the first time around, but when I had them fix it this morning, it turned out sooo pretty!

I do believe my blog is in desperate need of some good house photography, but these days I go by after school and all I have is my iphone.  I'll fulfill it's needs this weekend.

I'm pretty sure my blog is in desperate need of consistent updates too.  It causes a sense of disconnect.  And it's sad. 

Hopefully moving in our new house will cause life to slow down a little bit?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

beautiful day

It's such a beautiful day today in Arkansas!  The sun is finally shining and the farmer is finally back in the field cutting rice.  That's one thing we haven't seen in a while.  So pretty outside and I'm inside working on lesson plans and graduate school homework blogging. And the Cowboys are on.  Thankfully, they are winning.  As did my Aggies yesterday.  A freakin' miracle, winning two weeks in a row. 

Yesterday Mom and Dad came up to bring us our new refrigerator and it is so wild!  Yes, I'm using wild to describe a refrigerator.  I am used to having tiny plain jane refrigerators and this one has so many neat features.  It has a clear ice maker so you can watch the cubed ice get crushed.. Matt thinks it's so awesome.  He said when I'm gone he's going to stand at the refrigerator with a beer in hand watching the ice crush.

Our blinds came in on Friday so Dad got all those installed.  It's starting to feel like a finished house.  Hopefully everything will get wrapped up this week and we can move in next weekend!  Here's some pictures I took last weekend.

Master Bathtub

Master Shower

My Vanity :)

Stone Fireplace

Kitchen!  The white desk will be painted cream with a chocolate brown glaze this week.

Breakfast room chandelier


New Dishwasher!

Cedar columns done!  Front is still a work in progress.  Columns, trim, and shutters will be stained this week and then shutters will be hung.

Our new neighbors across the street!  We are so excited :)

In other news, I experienced my first field trip on Friday!  The second grade teachers took 65 second graders to Stuttgart to the movie theatre to see Where the Wild Things Are. Not a big fan of the movie.  If I hadn't had to stay awake to make sure my students behaved, I probably would have fallen asleep.  It was pretty boring to me, but the kids liked the big animals in the movie. My students were surprisingly good during the movie, although I did have to take up straws because they were putting popcorn on them and blowing it at each other.  Boys! After the movie, we had planned on going to the park, but since the weather was so nasty we went to the Hazen Community Center, ate lunch, and played relay games until time to go back to school.  It made for a fun, but tiring afternoon!

Sooooo thankful for daylight savings!  I was exhausted last night and it felt so good to sleep another hour.  That hour seemed like five hours and it was amaaaaaazing :)

Guess I need to move on and be productive today.  I have two weeks worth of lesson plans to write for Literacy and Math due tomorrow and homework for grad school due tomorrow.  Lovely. 


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